“Squid Game” actress and top model Jung Ho-yeon revealed her reason to start acting, “I had too much time”

Jeong Ho-yeon recalled the reason she decided to start her acting career.

News Room

Jung Ho-yeon, who became a global star through Netflix’s drama “Squid Game” (Director Hwang Dong-hyuk), participated in a video interview with JTBC’s “News Room” on January 17th. When asked “You are a model at the top, did you have any motivation or urgent desire when decided to become an actress,” the actress answered, “Most of my motivation seems to start with curiosity.”

Jeong Ho-yeon said, “Personally, I am very curious and I am not good at staying still, so I am interested in doing various things.”

News Room

“When I decided to become an actress, I couldn’t achieve what I had originally done in my career as a model. I had too much time at the time, and I think time has something to do with my desperation. “When I felt I needed to reduce my useless time, desperation, curiosity, and me having a lot of time came together to lead mt to such a decision.,” she added.


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