Lisa’s birthday hashtag went viral, cute images with BLACKPINK members

Other BLACKPINK members have published cute images with Lisa on her birthday, gaining attention alongside fan projects.

On March 27th, the birthday of BLACKPINK members Lisa, celebrations are on-going from all parts of the world.


In particular, to celebrate the special date, fans of Lisa and of BLACKPINK in general, have trended several hashtags on the SNS platform Twitter. With Lisa’s strong impact and the immense dedication of fans, 3 of Lisa’s birthday hashtags, including “#TheGreatestLalisaDay”, “#26EdelweissForLISA”, and “#SAY LALISA DAY” started trending worldwide at positions 1st, 2nd, and 3rd. 

On the other hand, Lisa is also having a fun time alongside other BLACKPINK members. In particular, Jisoo, Jennie, and Rosé have all published Instagram stories with Lisa, who showed a cheerful demeanor while wearing a black hoodie and a cute birthday hat. 


Each member also showed their own personality through their respective posts, with Jisoo using a filter of her favorite Hello Kitty and the “big sister”-like caption, “Baby chick Lisa, I love you”. 

Meanwhile, Jennie can be seen holding a “HAPPY BIRTHDAY LALISA” balloon with an added birthday cat sticker. 

Finally, Rosé wrote the words “HAPPY @lalalalisa_m DAY” on a photo of her poking the birthday girl.

Source: Instagram, Twitter

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