Lim Ji Yeon’s Blue Dragon Series Awards Dress Nominees Revealed!

Lim Ji Yeon’s fitting day is revealed!

On July 19, The Blue Dragon Series Awards took place, attracting attention. Notably, Lim Ji Yeon received the Best Supporting Actress Award. She was also praised as one of the best-dressed actresses that day. Recently, her dress nominees for the award ceremony were unveiled.

She finally chose the last one!

lim ji yeon

Netizens comments:

  • Last one! I came down saying I picked the same one lololol It’s pretty.
  • 1 is good
  • 4 fits too well
  • Neon is perfect, black is okay too
  • 2 fits really well
  • Not all dresses are the best, but black suits her well. Lim Ji-yeon nailed it.

Source: Theqoo

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