“Like singer, like fan”… What happened at BLACKPINK’s Seoul concert

BLACKPINK (Jisoo, Jennie, Rosé, Lisa) held “BLACKPINK WORLD TOUR [BORN PINK] SEOUL” at KSPO DOME in Songpa-gu, Seoul at 5 PM on Oct 16th to meet fans. This concert was crowded with fans from all over the world who came to see BLACKPINK.

Blackpink Seoul concert

BLACKPINK, which opened the concert with “How You Like That”, heated up the atmosphere with a perfect live performance by selecting “Pretty Savage” and “Whistle”. After finishing the opening stage, BLACKPINK honestly expressed their nervousness.

First of all, Lisa said, “I told you that I was very nervous before yesterday’s concert. Before starting the concert today, I thought ‘I can enjoy and have fun now’. But after coming on the stage, I got nervous again. Just like yesterday.” Rosé shared her thoughts, “I recognize some fans who came yesterday but also see many new faces. I think I can make a different memory from yesterday’s concert. Please sing along with us today, too.”

blackpink lisa bornpink concert

Jisoo shared, “We’re going to do a world tour again after 4 years and the tour starts in Seoul so it’s more meaningful to me. I hope everyone can jump and play with us so that we can feel your energy.”

After Jennie’s words “I think you can enjoy and sing along to our next songs”, BLACKPINK performed “Don’t Know What To Do”, “Lovesick Girls”, “Kill This Love”, “Crazy Over You” and “Playing With Fire”.

blackpink jennie bornpink concert

BLACKPINK, which performed 8 songs in a row from the opening, proved their solid live skills. Despite the intense choreography, the unshakable pitch and performance that made the audience unable to take their eyes off drew admiration.

BLACKPINK Seoul concert

In addition, the pink lighting, colorful firecrackers, laser effects and stage production that colored KSPO DOME harmonized with BLACKPINK to enhance the fun of watching. The staff, who created concerts of world-class pop stars such as Lady Gaga, Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Dua Lipa and Childish Gambino, provided support in all directions, including design, set and video. On top of that, veteran domestic production staff, who have been working with YG for a long time, also joined forces to complete a high-quality stage.

Blackpink Seoul concert

This concert is the first meeting between BLACKPINK and Blink (BLACKPINK’s fandom name) in about 4 years. The meeting between BLACKPINK, who play well, and Blink, who know how to enjoy performances, made the words “like singer, like fan” come out naturally.

Jisoo said, “It seems like Blinks want to keep standing up. I hope you stand up without minding others.” Jennie nagged cutely, “When I get home, all the videos are uploaded. So let’s put your cell phones down today. It’s like I’m doing a concert with cell phones.”

blackpink jisoo bornpink concert

Then fans stood up and began to enjoy the concert properly. They stretched out their hands, waved light sticks, danced on the spot and sang along with BLACKPINK in their own way. It was even possible to feel the shaking in Area 6 on the first floor, where reporters gathered.

The members’ efforts to communicate more closely with fans also shone. BLACKPINK decorated various stages on the T-shaped protruding stage, and visited both ends of the main stage to convey their love to fans far away.

blackpink concert

After “Tally” and “Pink Venom”, two songs from the second full-length album, solo stages where you can see the charm of the four people followed. Jisoo, who has yet to release a solo album, presented Camila Cabello’s “Liar” in her own style. In particular, she drew attention by exuding a sexy beauty that had never been shown before.

Jennie prepared an unreleased new song, drawing a great response with her fatal aura and the choreography in which her harmony with male dancers stand out. Rosé showed off her unique voice by selecting “Hard to Love” and “On The Ground”, which were greatly loved. Lisa boasted her unique charisma with “LALISA” and “MONEY”.

Jennie BLACKPINK Seoul concert

After finishing solo performances, they went back on stage as a whole through “Shut Down” and “Typa Girl”.

Jennie revealed the behind-the-scenes story, “I performed an unreleased new song. I prepared it because I wanted to show you a new side of me. There’s a performance with hand gestures at the end, and in fact, while practicing, I was worried about what would happen if the audience didn’t understand this story. However, I felt better as the members cheered me on while watching the rehearsal.”

Jisoo blackpink seoul concert

Jisoo said, “I have to exude sexiness today, but the ribbons on my hair were too disturbing. Still, I wanted to look cute today, so I did (pigtails).” Lisa, who performed pole dance, confessed, “I was very worried. To be honest, it was hard to grab the pole because I was a beginner.” Hearing this, Jennie encouraged Lisa, “Lisa is the best.”

The ending songs on this day were “DDU-DU DDU-DU” and “Forever Young”. When two songs were over, darkness came to the concert hall. Fans sang “Stay” and requested an encore from BLACKPINK.

BLACKPINK Seoul concert

In the hands of fans waiting for BLACKPINK, the phrase “We’ll light you up with pink even when darkness comes.” BLACKPINK, which appeared on the stage again, responded to fans’ love with “Boombayah” and “Yeah Yeah Yeah”. Before the last song, the members honestly expressed their feelings while preparing for the world tour.

Jisoo said, “Normally, I don’t often get nervous, but I’m very nervous right now. Since the shows in Seoul marked the start of our world tour, I felt that I had to do it properly in my hometown. I wanted to do well. I showed my cool appearance even when I was very nervous yesterday. Today, I tried to control my mind so that BLINKs can enjoy the performances more. I hope everyone is having fun.”

Jisoo blackpink seoul concert

Lisa expressed her affection for the members and fans, “I want to thank all the staff for creating these pretty and cool stages. I love my members so much. Although you’ve been so busy, you got sick and couldn’t even sleep well, I’m so thankful and proud of you all for finishing our concert well. And to our BLINKs, who made this pretty pink ocean for us, thank you for always supporting us and I love you. Let’s be together for a long time.”

Lisa blackpink seoul concert

Jennie shared, “We will have to wrap up our Seoul concert today, but I’m still feeling like I’m going to do it tomorrow and even the day after tomorrow. My body has just been warmed up, but it’s too bad that we have to end here. BLINKs, thank you so much for giving us so much support during these two days. I feel like I’ve been running days and nights for about three months to prepare for this concert. I really want to say that all the staff and dancers worked very hard for this tour. We will finish our tour and then come back. You guys have to come and see us again when we return. I’m feeling like I have to say something more because I don’t want this to end. What should I do now?”

Jennie blackpink seoul concert

Rosé confessed, “Like Jennie unnie said, we wanted to do so many things that I think we need to do concerts for about five more times to show them all to you. I’m a little bit sad that it has to end too early”, adding “During our break from performing activities, I realized how it was so fun and that I really liked performing as BLACKPINK. That’s why I had high expectations for this concert, and prepared it with excitement, but I feel that we are still lacking.”

ose blackpink seoul concert

She said, “Thank you for your love and support. Since we start here in our hometown, I think we can do a great world tour with this huge support. Thank you for coming here today”, and then shed tears. 

Shouting “Let’s have fun as if it’s your last time”, BLACKPINK then performed “As if It’s Your Last” and left the stage. Fans leaving the hall after such a memorable concert were filled with happiness.

Blackpink seoul concert

After making special memories with fans at their Seoul concert, BLACKPINK will carry out their world tour to North America, Europe, Asia, and Oceania. The girl group is expected to attract as many as 1.5 million people to their performances. First of all, BLACKPINK’s North American tour will have 14 shows touring around 7 cities, including Dallas (Oct 25~26), Houston, Atlanta, Hamilton, Chicago, Newark, and L.A.

Source: wikitree

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