A song written by Gong Hyo Jin and composed by Kevin Oh will be release + explosive reaction

The self-composed song that Keven Oh teased while announcing his marriage will be released next month. 

On October 15th, Cosmopolitan released a part of Gong Hyo Jin and Kevin Oh’s self-composed song “The Dawn When You Were Sleeping” (literal translation), which Kevin Oh posted on his Instagram along with the news of their marriage.

At the time, the photo uploaded by Kevin Oh read, “Composer: Kevin Oh, Lyricist: Gong Hyo Jin“, drawing the envy of many. As a result, attention was focused not only on the identity of the song, but also on the release date.

Kevin Oh

In the video released by Cosmopolitan, Kevin Oh plays the guitar accompaniment himself and sings a verse from “The Dawn When You Were Sleeping”. He smiles slightly at the camera while singing the lyrics “Love is written on your twinkling cheeks” with his characteristic sweet voice.

The couple’s self-composed song is expected to be released in full early next month, raising expectations.

Previously, Gong Hyo Jin and Kevin Oh had a private wedding on October 12th in New York, where Kevin Oh’s family resides. It is known that the wedding was held as a privately with only close acquaintances and family attending.

Source: wikitree

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