LESSERAFIM is called the first girl group under HYBE, so what about GFriend and GLAM?

LESSERAFIM continues to be entangled in another controversy

On May 2, “BTS’s sister group” LE SSERAFIM officially debuted with the MV Fearless. Right before debut, LE SSERAFIM was met with many mixed opinions because member Kim Garam was accused of being a school bully. Despite public opinion, HYBE still let this member debut with this new girl group. HYBE‘s way of promoting LE SSERAFIM has once again sparked controversy.

Le Sserafim
LESSERAFIM officially debuted with Fearless

Specifically, in a post about LE SSERAFIM‘s new achievement, the management company did not hesitate to call them “HYBE’s first girl group”. This makes fans of GFriend and GLAM – two girl groups under the company, not satisfied. Although they are not the groups that were launched by HYBE, they joined HYBE, so they are still the girl group under the company.

Description of HYBE, roughly translated: LE SSERAFIM, album sales on release day… HYBE’s first girl group

To be more precise, GLAM was the first girl group of HYBE when they debuted in 2012, even before BTS was launched. They ended up disbanding because of member Dahee’s scandal. In addition, GFriend and fromis_9 were transferred from different labels to be under HYBE as well. Beside being accused of ignoring the existence of previous girl groups to call LE SSERAFIM “HYBE’s first girl group”, HYBE is also repeatedly criticized by Korean netizens for allegedly neglecting and causing GFriend to disband.

… and fromis_9 are all known as HYBE’s girl groups

Some comments from Korean netizens:

  • Can they delete traces of BTS too?
  • I wish HYBE would fail.
  • GLAM disbanded before HYBE was a thing so it doesn’t matter, but GFriend was under HYBE, so why are they labeling LE SSERAFIM “first”?
  • Typical HYBE, always tries to cover everything up 

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