“Lee Sun Hee and Hook’s CEO cooperated economically?”…Lee Sun Hee received 4.3 billion won from Hook

Suspicions arose that singer Lee Sun Hee and Hook Entertainment’s CEO Kwon Jin Young cooperated economically.

On May 26th, Dispatch reported that the money flowing from Hook Entertainment (hereafter referred to as Hook) to One Entertainment (hereinafter referred to as One Enter) was approximately 4.3 billion won.


According to the report, One Enter is a corporate body created by Lee Sun Hee in 2010.

Lee Sun Hee earned about 4.3 billion won over the past 10 years from teaching the songs of her students, including Lee Seung Gi, Bora, Kim Min Soo and Lee Jung Hyun. However, the number and time of Lee Sun Hee’s tutoring are unknown.

A former Hook employee hinted about 50-million-won lessons, adding, “Bora, Kim Min Soo and Lee Jung Hyun took vocal exercises on the 4th floor, which Lee Sun Hee used as her workroom.


Lee Sun Hee reportedly sent some of the money back to Kwon Jin Young. This is why it is said that she played the role of Kwon Jin Young’s personal pocket.

In addition, Lee Sun Hee’s younger sister and Kwon Jin Young’s parents were registered as employees under One Entertainment.

They reportedly received an average monthly salary of around 3 to 4 million won, and accumulated about 900 million won over 8 years. Lee Sun Hee’s younger sister received 350 million won, while Kwon Jin Young’s father and mother earned 280 million won and 240 million won, respectively.


Lee Sun Hee provided Kwon Jin Young’s father with a retirement payment of about 30 million won. She also paid for two personal health insurance plans and one cancer insurance plan for Kwon Jin Young’s father using One Entertainment’s money.

Named as the director of Lee Sun Hee’s concert, Kwon Jin Young earned a total of 30 million won, 10 million won per show.

Earlier on the 25th, the National Police Agency’s Major Crime Investigation Division summoned Lee Sun Hee for questioning on charges of embezzlement.


The police suspect that Lee Sun Hee embezzled One Entertainment’s money several times during the time she was serving as the CEO of the company.

According to reports, Lee Sun Hee denied the allegation, saying “Although I was CEO, I did not directly participate in the company’s management”, adding “I only worked as a singer”.

Source: Insight

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