Lee Sang-soon, “The Jeju cafe has nothing to do with Lee Hyo-ri…I’ll do my best not to hurt the residents”

Lee Sang-soon has replied to the controversy that his newly-opened café threatens the surrounding commercial districts. He also said his wife, Lee Hyo-ri, had nothing to do with the cafe.

Lee Sang-soon posted a long article on his Instagram on July 5th regarding the opening of his new cafe.

Lee Sang-soon said, “I’ve been seeing a lot of words going back and forth regarding my cafe start-up these days. First of all, this cafe is entirely Lee Sang-soon’s cafe. I want to tell you that my wife has nothing to do with this cafe. Both the CEO and the president are Lee Sang-soon,” he wrote.

“I’ve liked coffee for a long time, especially specialty coffee. So, I wanted to create a cafe that provides specialty coffee, which is not many in Jeju, combining with the music I chose to make a small space for people with the same taste. That’s why I open this small, non-promotional cafe in a quiet village,” he explained why he started the cafe.

He said, “I thought this business size was appropriate to set up in my circumstances without needing any other help,” adding, “I have been preparing for more than a year carefully, and my wife and acquaintances came to celebrate on the first day of the opening. I think the scale got bigger because there were articles of me making coffee for my acquaintances and my wife taking pictures with the guests at their request.”

Lee Hyori Lee Sang-soon

He said, “I can go to the store from time to time during the first few days, but I don’t plan to continue directly making coffee for customers. I have wanted to sometimes stop by when I have time to drink coffee and have small talk with customers, but this incident made me feel that it was more difficult than I thought.”

Lee Sang-soon said he will take charge of the overall business and work hard to select good music, and in particular, he will do his best to prevent damage to the other villagers. He also announced that he would step back from making the drinks on his own.

Lee Hyori

Earlier on July 1st, Lee Sang-soon opened L Cafe in Gujwa-eup, Jeju. As soon as the cafe opened, it quickly emerged as a hot place as it went viral on social media. In particular, many customers flocked to the cafe after a review said that Lee Hyo-ri took photos with them at the cafe, and the area was paralyzed due to the long queue.

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