Lee Mi-joo and Lee Yi-kyung’s certified couple? The pair boasted lovely chemistry in a couple selfie during “Hangout With Yoo” 

The couple selfie of singer Lee Mi-joo and actor Lee Yi-kyung built excitement.

On February 5th, Lee Mi-joo showed a couple selfie with Lee Yi-kyung during the filming for “Hangout With Yoo” to fans. The photo showed the two smiling brightly and taking a couple selfie while shooting in a snowfield. As the duo formed a strong love line within the program, this display of intimacy gave fans excitement.

Lee Mi joo Lee Yi-kyung

Moreover, in a broadcast on February 4th, Lee Mi-joo drew attention by saying, “My mom wants to see Lee Yi-kyung.” Attention is directed to whether it will lead to an relationship as they have worked together at the 2022 “MBC Entertainment Awards,” and fans are also cheering for the two’s potential romantic development.

MBC’s “Hangout With Yoo,” starring Lee Mi-joo and Lee Yi-kyung, airs every Saturday at 6:25 p.m (KST). 

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