Lee Dong Hwi and Lee Je Hoon will team up for MBC’s “Chief Inspector: The Beginning”

In the prequel for MBC’s hit drama “Chief Inspector”, Lee Dong Hwi and Lee Je Hoon will become a “detective duo”. 

The MBC drama, “Chief Inspector: The Beginning”, which is scheduled to air in 2014, has confirmed the casting of Lee Dong Hwi and Lee Je Hoon, and has officially begun filming.

MBC’s “Chief Inspector”, which aired from 1971 to 1989, is a nationally acclaimed drama with 880 episodes and a peak viewership rating exceeding 70%. Meanwhile, “Chief Inspector: The Beginning” will be set in the 1950s and 60s as the prequel for the aforementioned iconic detective series. 

Lee Dong-hwi

“Chief Inspector: The Beginning” tells the story of Park Young Han (played by Lee Je Hoon), a charismatic detective specializing in apprehending petty criminals during a tumultuous era, who forms a team with three colleagues to break down corrupt powers and uphold justice for the people.

The drama captures the romanticism and humor of analog crime-solving through innate senses, insights, and persistence, portraying a retro crime investigation drama that offers a unique catharsis for the younger generation and a different kind of fun and emotion for the generation that remembers the exploits of “Detective Park”.

It is known that a reliable production team has been gathered for the return of this legendary series. In particular, director Kim Sung Hoon, known for his stylish direction in films like “Confidential Assignment” and “Rampant”, is at the helm. Kim Young Shin, the writer behind MBC dramas like “Kkondae Intern” and “The Veil” is in charge of writing, and Park Jae Bum, who penned dramas like “Chief Kim” (also known as “Good Manager”), “The Fiery Priest”, and “Vincenzo”, adds his creativity as a creator. At the same time, the studio which worked on successful projects like “Mother” and ”The Merciless”, is handling the production.

Lee Dong-hwi

In “Chief Inspector: The Beginning”, Lee Dong Hwi will become the reckless and unpredictable Detective Kim Sang Soon of the Jeongnam Police Station, also known as the “Crazy Dog”. Born into a poor household, Kim Sang Soon possesses only determination and tenacity. He’s a maverick detective who takes matters into his own hands, and in an era tainted by corruption, his pent-up anger at the tarnished reality pushes him to his limits. Just as he’s about to reach his breaking point, Park Young Han, a stubborn and unyielding detective, appears and changes the course of his detective career. Lee Dong Hwi, known for bringing his unique touch to characters across genres from comedy to action, garners anticipation for his portrayal of Kim Sang Soon.

Expectations are also high for the chemistry between Lee Je Hoon and Lee Dong Hwi. Known as “real friends” in the entertainment industry, their perfect synergy contributes to the completion of “Chief Inspector: The Beginning” in an outstanding manner. 

lee je hoon

On the other hand, Lee Je Hoon will portray the youthful days of Park Young Han (also known as “Detective Park”), a representative detective of South Korea who received overwhelming support and love from viewers, who later became the nation’s beloved figure. 

In the original “Chief Inspector” series, actor Choi Bul Am portrayed Detective Park as a well-rounded investigator, whilst Lee Je Hoon will breathe life into Park Young Han, who fights fiercely against the indignity of reality.

Regarding this new prequel, the production team of “Chief Inspector: The Beginning” stated, “It’s even more meaningful to be part of the revival of a significant work alongside great actors. We hope you look forward to the chemistry between Lee Je Hoon and Lee Dong Hwi, who will dynamically depict the actions of daring yet human detectives.”

Source: Daum

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