Lee Da-in To Star In “My Dearest” Till The End Despite Pregnancy

Actress Lee Da-in recently announced her pregnancy

On November 1st, Lee Da-in’s agency announced Lee Da-in’s pregnancy and that she is expected to give birth in February next year.

Lee Da-in married singer and actor Lee Seung-gi in April and got pregnant seven months after her marriage.

my dearest

Currently, Lee Da-in is appearing in MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “My Dearest,” which is gaining huge popularity. Coincidentally, MBC, on the same day Lee Da-in’s pregnancy was announced, informed that it is positively reviewing the extension of the drama to enhance the important scenes in the second half and adjust according to the Korean professional baseball postseason playoff broadcast.

In fact, the production team of “My Dearest” is now entering the second half of the filming. However, it is known that a few scenes are being filmed for a considerable amount of time to complete the main plot. It is rumored that considerable efforts are being put into the second half of the work.

Lee Seung Gi-Lee Da In

Meanwhile, Lee Da-in is starring as Kyung Eun-ae, a friend of the female protagonist Yoo Gil-chae, and is receiving favorable reviews for showing her acting. Lee Da-in has been working hard to film the drama despite being in the early stages of pregnancy, when she should be careful.

This is evidence that she is showing her willingness to work until the end of the drama. A broadcasting official told OSEN, “Even when Lee Da-in was already in the early stage of pregnancy, she took special care and carefully filmed her part. In particular, I know that she has been careful not to be a nuisance to her work. Along with the work, I heard that the actress’ willingness to complete the shooting is great as the filming is also in the second half and Lee Da-in’s portion is nearing the end.”

Source: daum

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