7 reasons to prove why we can expect a lot from Actor Kim Seokjin – BTS’ Jin

BTS Jin’s acting skill has become a great focus to foreign media.

An US entertainment media site Soompi recently posted an article titled “7 Things That Prove BTS’s Jin Deserves A Acting Debut”.

7 reasons to prove why we can expect a lot from Actor Kim Seokjin - BTS' Jin

The media site pointed out that Jin had been well-known for being such a great vocal, his shining appearance which gave him the name “Worldwide Handsome”, his love for food and also his sense of humour, etc. However, they also stated that Jin’s acting skill did not fall behind and showed their expectations for Jin to show more of his versatility.

If you need more evidence or want to know more contents about Jin, the article they shared with 7 pieces of information is enough for you.

The first thing to be introduced is that in fact, Jin graduated university with a major in acting.

7 reasons to prove why we can expect a lot from Actor Kim Seokjin - BTS' Jin

In February 2017, Jin graduated from the Department of Film at Konkuk University. His picture wearing a graduation hat and a gown was shared to the fan which made Armys all around the world feel so proud.

They also expressed great admiration for Jin saying despite his tight schedule with concerts and tours at that time, it was so impressive that he managed to graduated and this also proved his great dedication to acting.

The picture of Jin appearing at the airport wearing a hanbok that became a hot topic was also presented.

When Jin visited Hong Kong to attend the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards, through a BTS’s variety show “Run BTS”, Jin received a punishment that he had to show up at the airport wearing hanbok as a fashion item. Fans around the world expressed their opinions saying that Jin should act in a historical drama and Jin himself also agreed with the idea.

Additionally, in a Vlive video of Jin and another member Jimin, according to a game punishment, they have to show their immediate acting. In such a noisy situation, Jin was able to finish such perfect acting lines and this impressed everyone.

The article also stated that Jin was creative and he also had a perfect elegance and apprearance that is similar to a main charater in Korean dramas 

7 reasons to prove why we can expect a lot from Actor Kim Seokjin - BTS' Jin

“If you haven’t seen this music video for Jin’s solo track from the group’s album “LOVE YOURSELF 結 Answer,” it’s a total must-watch. Phenomenal vocals and touching lyrics aside, this piece reads more like a short film than a music video thanks to Jin’s flawless acting. It’s a very simple set-up in the grand scheme of BTS music videos, and yet Jin’s touching performance manages to make every moment magical.”


The media also paid attention to Jin’s narration on the highlight reel of ‘Love Yourself’ for the fifth time. On the highlight reel, where there was little dialogue other than Jin’s narration, his soft voice suited this voiceover style.

The media admired Jin’s rich emotions and beautiful expressions, and emphasized that this is a must-see video if this is your first time encountering the worldview featured in BTS’s music video or if you accidentally miss it.

7 reasons to prove why we can expect a lot from Actor Kim Seokjin - BTS' Jin

During the recording of BTS’s promotion with “Run” in 2015, Jin acted as if he was fighting with V at the backstage. Jin was highly praised from his performing with acting lines to the variety of facial expressions he showed and his handsome appearance that could be perfect to be a K-drama character.

In the end, the media introduced Jin’s excellent voice acting skills, which were praised for his strong vocals. The BTS member was praised for his precise pronunciation and delicate facial expressions in the 109th special episode of “Run BTS”.

The media praised Jin, saying that he especially shines in this episode, that he has good skills, and that he fully shows the qualities and abilities that an actor should have.


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