Lee Da Hae and Se7en had a double date with celebrity chef and wife?

Freshly married couple Lee Da Hae and Se7en unveiled their “double date” with chef Baek Jong Won and actress So Yoo Jin.

On July 25th, actress Lee Da Hae uploaded several photos and a video on her Instagram, along with a long caption. 

In particular, the actress wrote, “Brother-in-law, our reaction is awesome, right? Freshwater eel that were freshly caught and grilled, seasoned with homemade soy sauce that has matured for 5 years. The taste is…Wow~ It’s fun, it’s really fun. We are truly happy people to be able to enjoy brother-in-law’s cooking”.

She also added, “ps. Thank you, Yoo Jin, my lovely and adorable sister. Thanks to you, we are always living well! I really love you, my dear sister.”

In the published photos, Lee Da Hae can be seen with her husband, Se7en, along with actress So Yoo Jin and her husband, celebrity chef Baek Jong Won. Furthermore, Baek Jong Won can be seen diligently cooking, while So Yoo Jin shows her friendship with Lee Da Hae and Se7en.

lee da hae se7en

At the same time, photos of the dishes personally prepared by Baek Jong Won, along with Lee Da Hae’s detailed description in the caption, easily stimulate the viewers’ taste buds.

It seems that Lee Da Hae and Se7en had a double date with celebrity chef Baek Jong Won and his wife.

Meanwhile, Lee Da Hae and Se7en got married in June of this year after 8 years of dating. 

Source: Daum

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