Lee Byung-hun’s wife Lee Min-jung went to Son Yeon-jae’s wedding: “Because of the shadow, the bride’s pretty face…”

Actress Lee Min-jung (40) attended the wedding of former rhythmic gymnast Son Yeon-jae (27) as a guest.

Lee Min-jung posted a photo on her Instagram on August 22nd, tagging Son Yeon-jae‘s account, saying, “It’s too bad that the lighting was right above us and the bride’s pretty face cannot be captured due to the shadow~~Congratulations^^.” 

Son Yeon-jae married her lover who is nine years older than her on August 21st. Her husband is a non-celebrity. 

The photo released by Lee Min-jung was taken in the bride’s waiting room. Lee Min-jung smiles brightly next to Son Yeon-jae, who is in an elegant wedding dress. The photo shows off both Son Yeon-jae’s lovely beauty and Lee Min-jung’s bright smile. 

Lee Min-jung and Son Yeon-jae are well known for their unexpected friendship. Earlier, when Son Yeon-jae posted a photo of her bridal shower on Instagram, Lee Min-jung asked, “Oh my gosh, a bridal shower?” and Son Yeon-jae expressed her excitement by saying, “Yes 🤭 Really soon 😍.”

Meanwhile, Lee Min-jung married actor Lee Byung-hun (52) in 2013 and they had a son in 2015.

Source: naver

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