LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam’s school spoke about new alleged evidence of school violence: “We can’t answer”

A photo of an official document where LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam was listed as a bullying perpetrator has been spreading across the net. 

On May 15th,  LE SSERAFIM Kim Garam’s school violence accusation once again drew attention. In particular, netizens were spreading around a photo which showed the result notice from the school violence prevention committee, where Kim Garam was listed as the perpetrator. 


The notice’s authenticity remains unclear, but information of Kim Garam’s class and school matched what was revealed by alleged classmates. 

kim garam

The news site Money Today recently contacted the school in question for confirmation, but the school only responded: “We cannot answer your inquiry.” 

In response to this new evidence, LE SSERAFIM’s agency, HYBE, once again stated: “There is no change from the previous statement made by the company. We will begin to take legal action. Specific details will be released according to legal procedures.”


Kim Garam herself also addressed the situation by saying: “I hope you understand that it is difficult for us to say anything at the moment.”

Kim Ga-ram
Member Kim Garam

It seems that this scandal has really gone too far, with HYBE, the school, and Kim Garam only giving vague answers towards newly arisen evidence, without directly refuting nor confirming any of them. Fans of LE SSERAFIM remain in deep concern that malicious information surrounding Garam will have detrimental effects towards other members and the group as a whole. 

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