Kyuhyun Complains About Malicious Comments After Having Double Eyelid Surgery

Super Junior’s Kyuhyun got angry at negative reactions to his plastic surgery in the past

Kyuhyun, Yerin and Shin Se-jin guested on SBS’s entertainment program “Dolsing Fourmen” broadcast on October 3rd.

When Lee Sang-min asked, “Were you famous at school?”, Kyuhyun replied, “I haven’t had double eyelids at that time. I had it later after my debut because the company asked me to do it”.

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Tak Jae-hoon raised his voice, saying “Aren’t you a plastic surgery handsome man?”. In response, Kyuhyun expressed his unfairness, saying “Some people called me ‘plastic surgery monster’. I only did it with my eyes. Calling me ‘plastic surgery monster’ is too much, isn’t it?”.

He angrily said, “I was frowning when taking the high school graduation photo due to the sun, but someone posted it online, saying it was my dark past. I think it looked fine.”

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In addition, Kyuhyun also shared, “I was the main vocalist in a band. We were called Four Great Kings”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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