“The members compared my face and body to XX”, Kwon Mina emphasized that she was suffering from both abusive language and habitual violence

Kwon Mina once again opened up about AOA’s bullying scandal.

AOA’s former member Kwon Mina has just returned to her activities after 3 years through a talk show called “신(神)의 한 수, 복 받으Show”.

To start a new journey in the entertainment industry, Kwon Mina wants to honestly explain all the controversies related to her, which is why she appeared on the show.


The show will be broadcasted on Youtube on August 31. It’s a fortune-telling talk show in which the 5 greatest shamans of Korea will look into the past of the guests, heal their pains and give them blessings.

Referring to the controversy over the extreme choice that risked her life, Kwon Mina said, “I’ve risked my life more than what was shown on the media; I did attempt to do so more than 20 times.” Listening to her confession, the shamans felt pity for her.

Kwon Mina confessed that it was thanks to her mother who found her and brought her to the hospital that she was able to live again.

In response to her story, a shaman surprised Kwon Mina by saying, “Your mother must have seen a precognitive dream; the gods had brought their energy into her.”


Kwon Mina also mentioned the trauma of being bullied by the members of a girl group for 10 years, which was the reason that made Kwon Mina risk her life several times.

She said, “They told me countless times that my face looked like OO and my body looked like XX” and emphasized that the members did not only abused her with harsh words, but they also did habitual violence on her.

As a result, they made her suffer from depression, insomnia, panic disorder, and she had to take medicines for more than 10 years.

Kwon Mina said that she has recently experienced exorcisms to prevent herself from risking her life again. She shared, “A shaman told me that a lot of bad spirits were attached to me, such as ghosts on my shoulder and ghosts that held my ankles. I’ve done exorcism 2 times, and I only have one left.”


In addition, she shared that it was due to her memories with f(x) Sulli that she had not been able to confess everything honestly. Therefore, she claimed that she was assaulted and sexually harassed when she was in middle school, and she is currently preparing to file a lawsuit against rape.

Kwon Mina is finally returning to the entertainment industry, and the talk show starring her will be aired today on ‘점점TV’ at 9 P.M.

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