Kris Wu’s assets frozen, his trial for the rape charges is about to take place?

Netizens’ attention is currently drawn to the latest updates on the case of Kris Wu. 

On December 6, Sina reported the hottest news: the court announced the first-instance civil judgment on a contract dispute between the home appliance company Vantage and Kris Wu’s film and television company. Accordingly, Vantage has filed a request with the court to apply measures to freeze the assets of Kris Wu’s company worth 17.75 million yuan, avoiding the risk of the male singer dissipating the assets.

kris wu

After reviewing, the court froze all assets of Kris Wu’s company. The full statement is as follows:

  • For bank deposits and other amounts: Frozen for 1 year.
  • Immovable property (property that can be moved or relocated from one place to another in a certain space): Frozen for 2 years.
  • Real estate, Kris Wu’s property rights of Kris Wu: Frozen for 3 years.

According to Toutiao, the owner of Kris Wu’s brokerage firm also had assets worth 170 million yuan frozen. This person’s total debt has surpassed 1.4 billion yuan.

kris wu

Notably, on the Douban forum on the afternoon of December 6, it was rumored that Kris Wu’s trial for raping minors will take place on December 7 (tomorrow). However, soon after, an entertainment insider came forward to certify that the trial-related information was not true. The post on the Douban website then was removed.

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