Korean netizens choose the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment

During the time when all BIG3 companies have big fluctuations in their artist list as well as their popularity, choosing the ‘representative face’ for each company is definitely not easy.

With a history of operation and brilliant development over the years, BIG 3 (SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment, YG Entertainment) has produced many generations of successful and famous artists for Kpop, released a lot of national hits.  The appearance of such famous faces makes it extremely difficult to choose a representative name for each company, regardless of the period.

the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment

In a recent post on Thequoo forum, Korean netizens listed the names they thought were the main singers, who represented the image and reputation of SM, JYP, and YG at present.  Each company will have 2 singers, groups will be selected, and the selection of the original article includes 6 names:

SM Entertainment

Taeyeon (SNSD)

the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment


the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment

YG Entertainment

Akdong Musician

the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment


the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment

JYP Entertainment


the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment


the main singers of BIG 3 at the moment

The above list has quickly created a wave of fierce controversy on the Korean Internet because of the appearance of names that many people consider unworthy.  SM is probably the company that caused the most mixed opinions, partly because they are managing more artists than other companies. Many people acknowledged Taeyeon’s success but disagreed with the selection of Taeyeon as SM’s representative singer.  Meanwhile, the case of NCT is even more controversial when a series of comments claiming that this boy group still has not had many outstanding achievements to become a key factor for the whole company.

Talking about JYP, most netizens agree with TWICE but still somewhat disagree with the appearance of ITZY.  After GOT7 left the company, there was controversy over whether Stray Kids or ITZY was the next JYP representative group after TWICE.  However, many current opinions claim that even though ITZY has achieved remarkable achievements soon after debuting, they are still not capable of becoming a main group of JYP.

Among BIG 3 companies, opinions about YG received the most agreement in this discussion.  Nearly all of the commenters agreed with BLACKPINK, but some people still ươndered about the absence of Big Bang or G-Dragon even though they had not had any outstanding activities for a long time. 

– “It’s purely op’s subjective thought. For me, SM: TVXQ and EXO, YG: Big Bang and BLACKPINK, JYP: TWICE and 2 PM”

 – “Only agree with TWICE and BLACKPINK”

 – “SM should be EXO, Red Velvet, right?”

– “If JYP’s representative is 2 PM instead of ITZY, it would be more correct”

 – “Big Bang has not been active for a few years, how can it be the main group of YG at the moment …?”

 – “Among these, the most confusing name is NCT … If we talk about SM’s main groups or representatives, I think TVXQ and EXO would make more sense”

– “Not sure about NCT and ITZY, especially NCT. ITZY can be considered as the main rookie, but NCT doesn’t have SM vibes.”

 – “Isn’t JYP’s main vocalist always JYP? “

 – “SM: TVXQ, EXO. YG: Big Bang, BLACKPINK. JYP: TWICE, 2 PM. I wonder why it’s better to feel this way”

– “But the article says looking at the present time so that list is correct”

Sources: tinnhac

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