K-Pop idols’ personalities through the stories of their best friends

As celebrities with great public influences, K-Pop idols are always judged by everything they do. Through the stories of their friends, fans get to know more, and can even brag about the personalities of their idols.


Ever since her debut, aside from her gorgeous visual, Jisoo has always been praised for her sweet personality. A friend of the BLACKPINK member once shared: “Jisoo is very sweet! Back in junior high school, she was friends with this girl who has some bad blood with me.  Usually, people don’t like someone their friends hate, right? Surprisingly, Jisoo even talked to me first when we had a class together. Even though that might upset her friends and they might boycott her but Jisoo still chose to talk to me.

Jin (BTS)

Jin is the oldest member of the global group BTS and is usually the one who takes care of his members. A close senior of him, singer Solbi, said that he was always well-mannered and care for everyone despite his busy schedule. She shared, “He never ignores my messages. What a caring person, there’s a reason why he is always adored by everyone.”

Rei (IVE)

With her cute visual and talents, Rei is a prominent name among 4th-generation idols. A schoolmate once shared about Rei, saying, “Not just female friends, male friends also talked about how cute Rei was. Rei had even received confessions from boys from other departments ever since she was in her 1st year in high school. Rei once cried when talking about her family during class, but she was so cute that everyone was also sad and all gathered to comfort her. After hearing about Rei’s debut, everyone was happy and all rooted for her.”

Bi Rain

It is not fortunate that Rain has maintained great influence in the K-pop industry over the years. In addition to his talent and masculine appearance, he is also loved for his good personality. A friend, who is also his former manager, once shared, “When I was working with Rain, I can’t forget his saying that the manager’s job is not to keep fans from coming, but to make sure that idols can safely communicate with fans.”


“National little sister” IU is loved for her talent, pure beauty and she also often does good deeds. Despite her explosive performance on stage, IU is often misunderstood as a shy person in real life.

A close acquaintance of the female idol once said, “IU is a truly artist. This girl not only has an extensive understanding of music and composition, but she also has profound thoughts at all times. IU possesses a flawless personality. Because she is quiet and reserved, she is sometimes misunderstood, but as you get to know her better, you will realize that IU is an extremely sincere girl.”

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