“I can become a double spy”, Lee Jong-seok revealed the list of Big Mouse organization’s core members to approach Jeon Gook-hwan (Big Mouth)

Lee Jong-seok approached Jeon Gook-hwan by handing over the list of Big Mouse organization members.

In the 14th episode of MBC’s Friday-Saturday drama “Big Mouth” (scripted by Kim Ha-ram/ directed by Oh Chung-hwan, Bae Hyun-jin), which aired on September 10th, Park Chang-ho (Lee Jong-seok) met with Chairman Kang Seong-geun (Jeon Gook-hwan).

Meeting Kang Seong-geun, Park Chang-ho said, “I’m being threatened by Big Mouse. A new guy took over the organization. A more powerful and cruel one. They take my family as hostages and call it protection as an excuse. If I don’t do as their requests, I and my family will die”. 

Referring to Big Mouse organization, Park Chang-ho said, “They want to take revenge for the death of Noh Park (Yang Hyung-wook)”, adding “They told me to approach CEO Gong”. He then revealed that what Noh Park wanted to do was revenge for his daughter, who died while covering Seo Jae-yong (Park Hoon)’s thesis.

Kang Seong-geun began to be interested in Park Chang-ho. He smiled seeing Park Chang-hoo come to see him with cards in both hands for the first time. 

As Park Chang-ho said he would eradicate Big Mouse organization if Kang Seong-geun give him the Gucheon Mayor position. In response, Kang Seong-geun said, “Trying to persuade someone using his tongue is what a conman does”.

Park Chang-ho then delivered the information he got and a list of members of Big Mouse organization. Revealing that Big Mouse hide his face thoroughly, Park Chang-ho said, “I’m confident that I can be a double spy as long as you keep this thing confidential.”

Kang Seong-geun invited Park Chang-ho to his birthday celebration as if he already agreed to Park Chang-ho’s request.

Source: daum

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