Korean male stars who publicly speak up about their cosmetic surgeries

Super Junior Kyuhyun, former ZE:A Kwanghee, and many more have publicly talked about their cosmetic surgeries. 

Cosmetic intervention is a sensitive topic in Korean showbiz, mostly because the general public prioritizes natural beauty above anything else. Nonetheless, when a male star admits to undergoing surgeries, they have been applauded for breaking traditional male beauty concepts.

Super Junior Kyuhyun

On Radio Star, Super Junior member Kyuhyun shared he had two eyelid surgeries per his management company’s suggestion. After 5 years, his eyelids disappeared completely. He said that the surgery only lasted for 10 minutes. Moreover, the male star said he only had eyelid surgeries and did not shave his chin or received other cosmetic interventions on his face.


ZE:A Kwanghee

Kwanghee was the first male star to admit to having cosmetic surgeries, and even gained more popularity after having them. The famous TV personality admitted having his forehead, nose, chin, and teeth done, resulting in a new image. On “Life Bar”, the former idol revealed he had the surgeries because he did not receive as much attention as the other ZE:A members.


Park Goon

On “Same Bed, Different Dream”, Park Goon revealed his past photos that even the show’s MCs could not recognize. Park Goon admitted the photos were from his 20. After that, the trot singer underwent two eyelid surgeries and two nose-lift surgeries. His wife, Hyun Young, said that he had his nose done twice because he was not satisfied with the first result.


SG Wannabe Kim Yong Jun

On “Groom’s Class”, singer Lee Seung Chul praised SG Wannabe Kim Yong Jun and asked if there had been any changes to his face. In response, Kim Yong Jun admitted to having an eyelid surgery the year before. He explained that he could not open his eyes, which led him to take the  surgery to remove the excess skin from his eyelids.


Source: k14

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