Korean applies new regulations for underage Kpop idols 

Underage Kpop idols are expected to be protected more with new regulations recently approved by the Korean government.

A recent amendment to the “Public Culture and Arts Industry Development Act” has been approved by the South Korean Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism.

In particular, there are now further regulations regarding Kpop idols who debut while underage, as follows.

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First, Kpop entertainment companies must disclose income reports for their artists at least once a year and whenever the artist requests.

Second, the working hour limits for underage entertainers have been reduced like below”

  • Under 12 years old: 25 hours per week and 6 hours per day
  • 12 to 15 years old: 30 hours per week and 7 hours per day
  • 15 years and older: 35 hours per week and 7 hours per day

Third, activities that violate the educational rights of underage artists, such as missing school or dropping out of school, are now prohibited. 


Fourth, actions that put the health of underage idols at risk, such as forcing them to “look better” or “lose weight”, or physically or verbally abusing them, no matter the method, are now prohibited.

Finally, agencies are now required to appoint a staff member as “youth protection officer”,  who will be responsible for safeguarding the underage idols’ health.

Source: Twitter

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