Korea Music Contents Association’s secretary-general expressed optimism about the possibility of “BTS Military Service Act”

Netizens are focusing their attention on whether idol group BTS, who is promoting national prestige by showing the world the greatness of K-POP, will receive military service benefits for the first time as a national representative.

Meanwhile, Choi Kwang-ho, secretary-general of the Korea Music Contents Association, is drawing attention as he is optimistic about the possibility of the so-called “BTS Military Service Act” to be passed. On November 25th, SPOTVNEWS reported that secretary-general Choi Kwang-ho expected a “Amendment to the Military Service Act” to allow alternative service to popular cultural artists with high contributions to the national interest.

BTS Military Service Act

Earlier in the day, 16 government officials, including Yoon Sang-hyun, a member of the National Defense Commission’s Legislation Review Subcommittee, will discuss the “Amendment to the Military Service Act” proposed in June.

Secretary-general Choi Kwang-ho, who is optimistic about the amendment to the Military Service Act being passed, said, “Of course, it is necessary to consider public sentiment and public opinion, but we need to think about the national interest as well,” adding, “Now K-pop should be seen as an industry, not just singers. It is an era in which singers can even have corporate capabilities. The K-pop industry has a cultural characteristic that the commercial period will end after a certain period of time.”

BTS Military Service Act

He went on to say, “Of course, it’s not that we should exempt every singer with these characteristics. In the case of BTS, it can be seen that it is beneficial to the country and that their performance ability is at the top. Therefore, we should give military service benefits according to objective and consistent standards.” If the subcommittee passes the bill, it is expected to be submitted to the National Defense Commission’s plenary session as early as November 26th.

BTS Military Service Act

On November 22nd (local time), at the 2021 American Music Awards, which is one of the top three music awards in the U.S., BTS wrote a new history in the Korean music industry by receiving “Artist of The Year.” The group is at its peak career, but if the amendment is not passed, Jin (30), the eldest member of BTS, will have to join the military at the end of next year.

Since then, Suga (29), J-Hope (28), RM (28), Jimin (27), V (27), and Jungkook (25) will join the military one after another, and BTS is expected to have a long hiatus.

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