Kim Young-dae’s Latest K-Drama Faces Crisis Over Acting Criticism

Despite having a decent script and lot, Kim Young-dae’s Latest K-drama, “Moon in the Day”, is failing to attract audiences

“Moon in the Day”, a new K-drama, is failing to attract audiences despite its intricate plot of love and revenge transcending time, with ratings peaking at less than 2% and recently fell to just 1.5%. 

To make matters worse, according to those who are watching the drama, their largest issue is with the acting of its male lead, played by actor Kim Young-dae.

Fail return due to stiff acting?

Possessing an appearance perfect for his character, whether in historical or modern attire, and exuding an intense aura of a star, Kim Young-dae seems to have it all. However, despite his handsome and gallant appearance, Kim Young-dae’s acting has left the audience sorely disappointed.

In the series, Kim Young-dae plays Han Do-ha, a Silla aristocrat murdered by his own lover, Han Ri-ta (Pyo Ye-jin). Due to the painful death, love, and hatred for his lover, Do-ha’s soul cannot find peace and continuously seeks revenge against Ri-ta.

Kim Young-dae

In 2023, Ri-ta reincarnated as Kang Young-hwa, a charismatic firefighter. Coincidentally, Young Hwa has to work with Jun-oh, a famous celebrity with a striking resemblance to Do-ha from the past. In an accident while working, Jun-oh drowns, and Do-ha’s soul takes over Jun-oh’s body, deciding to kill Young Hwa for revenge.

In the early episodes, when portraying the arrogant and cold Jun-oh, Kim Young-dae’s acting is considered passable. However, when taking on the role of Do-ha filled with resentment and always seeking an opportunity for revenge, Kim Young-dae fails to convey the character’s spirit. His stiff facial expressions and emotionless eyes were simply unable to express the character’s true bitterness.

Various projects but little improvement

Kim Young-dae started acting in 2019 and immediately rose to fame in 2020 with a supporting role in the blockbuster “Penthouse”. At that time, his cold and indifferent demeanor suited the character, attracting a large fan base. As a result, after three seasons of “Penthouse,” Kim Young-dae became a popular name and has since been constantly taking on new projects.

In the years 2022 and 2023, Kim Young-dae starred in three major projects, including “Shooting Stars,” “The Forbidden Marriage,” and “Moon in the Day.” He did not stick to a particular typecast, as these three dramas explore entirely different genres and settings. However, his acting skills showed little improvement, and both “Shooting Stars” and “The Forbidden Marriage” were not particularly successful. 

Kim Young-dae

As of the moment, the public mostly remember Kim Young-dae for his appearance, which is said to resemble famous actor Kang Dong-won, as well as for his portrayal in “Penthouse”. While the actor has his fair share of fans and still looks as dashing as ever, it seems that he still has a long road to go when it comes to acting. 

Hopefully, Kim Young-dae will be able to pull off the character of Jun-oh/Do-ha better, or else his drama may continue to be in a deep crisis. 

Image Source: Hancinema

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