Kim Woo Bin, Lee Joon, and other Korean actors who overcame serious illnesses

These Korean actors and actresses faced critical diseases at the peak of their careers 

Anything can happen in life, and despite their glamor and wealth, Korean celebrities can’t ensure their health. In fact, they are just as human as us, and also suffer from health concerns. Below are some famous Korean actors and actresses, who managed to overcome their serious illnesses.

1. Kim Woo Bin

Kim Woo-bin Lee Jung-eun

In 2017, right after filming for “Uncontrollably Fond”, Kim Woo Bin was diagnosed with nasopharyngeal cancer, a type of throat cancer. As a result, the actor had no choice but to go on hiatus for a couple of years to focus on his treatment, and luckily, has managed to recover. 

Most heartwarming though, has been the fact that Woo Bin’s girlfriend, Shin Min Ah, stayed by the actor’s side and took care of them. The couple recently starred on the star-studded K-drama series “Our Blues”, but not as lovers. 

2. Shin Dong Wook

Shin Dong-wook

In 2011, Shin Dong Wook had to discharge early, having been afflicted with the complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS), causing extreme bouts of pain without any cause nor cure. As a result, the actor disappeared from the public eye for 6 long years. 

Recently, the actor has recovered enough to return with a role in “Woori The Virgin” – the Korean adaptation of US TV show “Jane The Virgin”. 

3. Moon Geun Young

moon geun young

Due to her compression compartment syndrome, Moon Geun Young had to endure numerous surgeries, resulting in her long hiatus. Having to fight this serious illness that causes rapid aging, Moon Geun Young’s appearance shows a clear exhaustion.

The hiatus also severely affected the actress’s career, and the once “nation’s little sister” saw her latest work “Catch The Ghost” performed disappointingly. 

4. Lee Joon

lee joon

Lee Joon used to suffer from extreme anxiety and panic disorder, which seriously affected his military service. Instead of serving as an active-duty soldier, he turned to public service.

Fortunately, Lee Joon’s career was not affected much. From the beginning as an idol, so far Lee Joon has proven his talent in the field of acting. The drama “Bloody Heart” starring Lee Joon and Kang Han Na is on track to achieving impressive ratings.

5. Kim Jung Hyun

Kim Jung-hyun

Due to anxiety, sleep disorders and psychological instability, Kim Jung Hyun had to withdraw from the “Time” project when it was in the post-production stage. He apologized to the entire team for the inconvenience and then focused on treatment.

After that, he returned in a healthier and more confident way through the international hit series “Crash Landing On You”. However, the scandal between Kim Jung Hyun and Seo Ye Ji then broke out, leaving netizens wondering if he was really sick or left the previous project because of his ex-girlfriend’s request?

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