“Kim Taehyung is genre” BTS’s V shows strong presence in Celine pictorial

BTS’s V captivated the world with his enchanting visuals

On Nov 3rd, Celine released a new campaign pictorial featuring V, who is an ambassador for this luxury brand.

The portrait series captures the brand’s identity and aesthetics, with artistic director Hedi Slimane overseeing every aspect from artist selection to concept, styling and photography.

bts v

Hedi Slimane has expressed a special passion for photography, once saying that it was the first thing he did in his memories.

V also has a deep interest and exceptional talent in photography. He showed his appreciation for Hedi Slimane’s work by posting pictures on BTS’s official account under the title “Vedi Slimane Diary” in homage to “Hedi Slimane Diary”.

In the pictorial, V embodies Celine’s chic and refined style, wearing a Western shirt, slim-fit slacks and metal frame sunglasses. His rock-chic style complements the brand’s image perfectly. Hedi Slimane’s signature is the skinny style that pursues extreme slimness, and V’s slim body line makes the Celine collection stand out even more.

bts v

In one of the photos, V wears a classic biker leather jacket and a Celine necklace. His intense gaze into the camera is striking, and his immaculate facial features stand out, accentuated by a challenging all-back hairstyle. He exudes both coolness and warmth, creating a captivating atmosphere.

Celine sent love calls to V for 3 years. Upon his appointment as an ambassador, they affectionately referred to him as “Kim Celine”. This is why V’s collaboration with Celine in the future is highly expected.

Source: Nate

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