Kim Tae Ri changed her dress at Baeksang 2022 to avoid controversies, still drop-dead gorgeous

Kim Tae Ri’s white dress at Baeksang 2022 was previously worn by a Hollywood actress, albeit with some alterations in the design. 

Kim Tae Ri was among the most successful people at the 2022 Baeksang Art Awards, having won two prizes. And the actress’s abilities weren’t the only thing honored at this award, seeing that she also blew people away with her outstanding visuals in a gorgeous white gown.

Kim Tae Ri’s gown was a minimalistic design which combined a camisole crop top and a high-waist fluffy dress. It served to highlight Tae Ri’s sexy collarbone while at same time showing off her slim waist. In the gown, the actress was the center of attention, looking both chic and daring. 

Previously, this design was worn by Hollywood star Dakota Johnson when she appeared on RCFA. Compared to Kim Tae Ri, Dakota’s dress was more revealing, and even displayed her sexy cleavage with a higher crop and upward neck cut. 

The dress was actually from Brandon Maxwell’s 2020 Spring Collection. In the original version, the crop cut was curled upwards to show off the bust, but Kim Tae Ri altered the design to appear more modest. Many people believe that the actress’s change was for the better, seeing that it’s more suitable for the more conservative Korean culture. 

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