After opening Instagram, Miyeon “shook” the Internet with 4 selfies: Kpop’s new visual is here!

 The visual of the “almost BLACKPINK member” Miyeon (G)I-DLE) once again became the focus of attention.

 Recently, the members of (G)I-DLE caught attention when opening their personal Instagram.  After just a few days, the number of followers on the girls’ personal accounts has been increasing noticeably, in which the girl known as the “almost BLACKPINK member” – Miyeon got even more attention and “shook” the Internet.

Miyeon G I DLE2052764101 1620815159920561016045
Miyeon G I DLE890036319 1620815164548331278536
Miyeon G I DLE890036319 1620815164548331278536
Miyeon G I DLE1145413458 16208151597391272403027

The female idol uploaded a few photos of herself and quickly got hundreds of thousands of likes. Without elaborate posing, Miyeon still “explodes” with her: a pretty face and soft, elegant aura, like a true goddess.  Many netizens couldn’t help but admire and exclaim: “Why are you so pretty like a princess”!

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