Kim Se Jeong received the first acting award for her performance in “Business Proposal” 

Kim Se Jeong’s brilliant acting in “Business Proposal” brought her an award. 

Business Proposal” is the most successful drama in the acting career of Kim Se Jeong, who started out as an idol. The popularity of “Business Proposal” helped Kim Se Jeong become one of the most buzzworthy K-drama stars in early 2022. She gained love from the audience not only for her lovely visuals but also natural acting. Recently, Kim Se Jeong received her first acting award of the year. She won Best Female Acting-Idol at the 2022 Brand Customer Loyalty Awards

Kim Se Jeong
Kim Se Jeong

Kim Se Jeong is the only individual from “Business Proposal” to be named among the winners of this year’s Brand Customer Loyalty Awards. Last year, Kim Se Jeong also took home this award for her role in “The Uncanny Counter”. Winning Best Female Acting-Idol two years in a row for two successful drama roles proves Kim Se Jeong’s impressive acting transformation.

Kim Se Jeong

Although this is not a huge award, fans are still glad to see Kim Se Jeong’s talent and effort get recognized, especially after “Business Proposal” failed to get a nomination at the 2022 Baeksang Arts Awards.

Kim Se Jeong


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