Kim Nam Joo stars as Cha Eun Woo’s character opposite with a 26-year age gap in new drama

Despite a 5-year hiatus, Kim Nam Joo still boasts a dignified beauty and garners major attention with her return.

Recently, Kim Nam Joo is confirmed to be Cha Eun Woo’s opposite in the revenge drama “Wonderful World”. She will play Eun Soo Hyun, a famous psychology professor and writer. Behind the glory of a successful woman, she falls into a bottomless pit of despair after losing her young son. Eun Soo Hyun encounters Kwon Sun Yool (Cha Eun Woo) by accident and they start healing themselves and each other.


With a 26-year age gap, K-drama enthusiasts are beginning to wonder how this pairing will work out. Moreover, they are curious about Kim Nam Joo, a stunning and dignified woman who is returning to the small screen after 5 years.

Kim Nam Joo was born in 1971 in Seoul. At the age of 2, her father’s business went bankrupt and her family had to live a struggling life. After graduating high school, actress Kim went on to study as a Dance Major at Suwon Women’s College.


In her second year, she joined the Miss Korea pageant, which opened new doors for Nam Joo in modeling. Her visual was unrivalled at a young age. She owned an oval face with high nose bridge and full lips.

In 1994, she joined a talent search organized by SBS and crossed into acting. She was in her element and obtained main roles in hit TV series at the time such as “Model”, “The Boss”, and “Her House”. Her image of an urban, career woman became popular. She became a role model for many women at that time. 


Nonetheless, after “Her House”, Kim Nam Joo went into a so-called “semi-retirement” and only did CF shooting. In 2005, the actress got married to Kim Seung Woo and disappeared from the limelight to take care of her family. Despite gossip and disapproval of the marriage at the time, the couple pushed through and has been living happily since.

She revived her career in 2009 with “Queen of Housewives” and maintained consistency throughout the years. However, she went into a hiatus again in 2012 and only returned in 2018 with “Misty”. The 5-year interval became more of a regular. Now, at 53, the actress is preparing for a comeback with “Wonderful World”.


Among the Korean actors who have had cosmetic surgeries, Kim Nam Joo was a rare case who did not receive any backlash. She publicly admitted having operations to look more beautiful and was not ashamed of her past choices.

Source: K14

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