Kim Jong-kook, who recently revealed his marriage plan, was offered a blind date with a pretty celebrity who is 11 years younger than him

Broadcaster Kim Jong-kook, who recently announced that he would soon get married, was offered a blind date. His blind date partner was a beautiful female entertainer.

Comedian Jo Hye-ryun appeared as a guest in the recent recording of KBS 2TV’s entertainment program “Problem Child in House”. The production team pre-released some contents of the main broadcast on May 10th. At the recording that day, Jo Hye-ryun said that she wanted to introduce a woman, who is a beautiful entertainer, to MC Kim Jong-kook

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Jo Hye-ryun mentioned a comedian junior as a suitable blind date partner for Kim Jong-kook. She straightforwardly introduced, “My junior – Kim Seung-hye is really okay”. Kim Seung-hye is a representative goddess among comedians. She has appeared on SBS’s “Smiling People” and KBS’s “Gag Concert” and also worked as a reporter on KBS’s “Entertainment Weekly”. Kim Seung-hye is currently carrying out many different broadcasting activities. 

Kim Seung-hye was born in 1987 and Kim Jong-kook was born in 1976. The age gap between two people is 11 years. Upon hearing this, comedians Song Eun-yi and Kim Sook altogether revealed the fact that comedian Shin Bong-sun also likes Kim Jong-kook a lot.

Kim Jong Kook

Jo Hye-ryun turned to Kim Jong-kook and asked, “Who will you choose, Shin Bong-sun or Kim Seung-hye?”. Kim Jong-kook replied, “I’ll go with Bong-sun”. In response to Kim Jong-kook’s answer, the cast members immediately compared Shin Bong-sun’s stingy habit to Kim Jong-kook’s, saying, “Bongsun is also a stingy person”, “I once visited Bong-sun’s house in the winter and she told me to not take off my coat because she didn’t want to turn on the heater”.

The production team hinted that Kim Jong-kook and Shin Bong-sun burst into laughter at the recording studio because of the sudden reveal of their extraordinary chemistry evidence. The story of Kim Jong-kook, who was offered a blind date, can be found on the new episode of “Problem Child in House” to be aired on KBS 2TV at 8:30 p.m on May 11th.

Kim Jong Kook

Meanwhile, Kim Jong-kook recently surprised everyone by announcing his marriage plan. He publicly announced the news of his plan of getting married soon on the broadcast of  “Problem Child in House” which aired on the 27th of last month.

Kim Jong-kook revealed his honest thoughts, saying, “Actually, I’ve always wanted to get married early since I was younger”. He made a surprise confession in front of the cast and declared that he would get married within the next two years. Kim Jong-kook stressed, “My goal is to get married within the next two years. I’m thinking of doing it in two years from now”. He added, “My married friends said they are envious of me. Some urged me to get married by saying, ‘I can’t die alone. Hurry up and experience it, too’”, drawing laughter.

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