“Drunk driving self-reflection” Lizzy pays tribute to her deceased acquaintance… “Why are you in a hurry to go first?”

After School Lizzy paid tribute to her close acquaintance who left first.

Lizzy announced her close sister’s obituary through her SNS on Sep 25th. Lizzy also left a long message of condolence on SNS. Lizzy made people sad by writing, “I hope you’ll only walk on the flower road and be happy there. When I fell to the ground. When I felt that hope was gone. You were the one who patted me when I was having a hard time… I still remember the way you comforted me. I was really thankful. OO, who was more mature than me. I’m very sorry that I couldn’t help you when you were having a hard time. I love you so much. But why are you in a hurry to go first?… Bad girl… It’s bad… I hate it. And I hate myself for not noticing that. I miss you whenever I see your photos. A lot. I’ll go see you when I go to Seoul. I love you♡”


Meanwhile, Lizzy was indicted for driving a car after drinking in May. She crashed into a taxi near the intersection of Yeongdong Bridge in Cheongdam-dong, Gangnam-gu, Seoul and was fined 15 million won. Lizzy, who is self-reflecting, is communicating with fans through SNS.

Source: Nate

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