Popular Japanese drama “Unnatural” confirmed to be remade into a Korean version

Japanese drama “Unnatural” will have a Korean remake.

Big Wave Entertainment (CEO Son Chang-joon) and Neostory (CEO Nam Hyun-ji) announced on September 26th that they recently signed a contract with TBS broadcasting station in Japan for the copyright of “Unnatural” to produce the Korean version.

“Unnatural” is a mystery medical drama in which the main character, who is a forensic doctor, discovers the truth of the incidents involving deaths arising from unnatural circumstances. By depicting the story from the perspective of a female forensic doctor among numerous male-centered medical dramas, “Unnatural” was well-received by not only Japanese viewers but also overseas drama fans.


In addition, “Unnatural”, which was scripted by the famous Japanese screenwriter Akiko Nogi of “We Married as a Job” and “MIU404”, won a total of 6 awards at the 96th Drama Academy Awards in Japan, including Best Drama, Best Actress, Best Supporting Actor, Best OST, Best Director and Best Screenplay, proving itself as a masterpiece that has both high completeness and box office success.

Big Wave Entertainment said, “We’re very glad to be able to remake the original drama that has already been recognized for its excellence. Based on the planning and production capabilities of the two companies, we will create good synergy by taking advantage of the values of the original work”, adding “The script of ‘Unnatural’ Korean version is currently being adapted, and as soon as it is completed, we will proceed with the casting and filming”.

Meanwhile, Neostory has taken the first step in video production with its own webtoons, starting with “The 26th Murder”, which is being serialized on Kakao Webtoon. 

Source: Daum

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