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Kim Jong Kook vs. Kim Soo Hyun’s bowling teacher… Unexpected bowling skills revealed

Kim Jong Kook’s bowling skills will be revealed.

On SBS’ “Running Man“, which is scheduled to air on Dec 11th, a match between citizens and Running Man members will take place.

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At the end of the race broadcast last week, “Rabbit Team” Ji Seok Jin, Kim Jong Kook, Haha and Song Ji Hyo, who were running a smooth race, were given the mission to “win 8 times in the bowling match with citizens”, heralding a crisis. The members were embarrassed by professional citizens, such as taking out their personal balls from the bowling alley they visited to do the mission. The members lamented, “It’s been too long since we played bowling.” When one of the citizens turned out to be actor Kim Soo Hyun’s bowling teacher, the members complained, “God of bowling?“, “Why are you here? We can’t win.” It is rumored that their spirit subsided.

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Kim Jong Kook’s desire for winning exploded. Kim Jong Kook gathered the members and burned his will to win, saying, “Let’s try it first.” Kim Jong Kook, who made the winning move with strength and accuracy, showed his unexpected bowling skills.

The members cheered endlessly, “Jong Kook played bowling a little bit in the past” and “Jong Kook is our hope.” Song Ji Hyo was worried, saying, “This is my first time playing bowling.” However, she showcased her rapidly rising bowling skills thanks to repeated practice with Kim Jong Kook’s 1:1 Sparta coach.

Running Man

The result of the unpredictable bowling match can be confirmed through the broadcast at 5 PM on Dec 11th.

Source: Daum

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