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Kim Jong Kook suddenly mentions getting married on “My Little Old Boy”, is he getting married this year?

Singer Kim Jong Kook suddenly mentioned the possibility of him getting married on “My Little Old Boy.”

On the latest episode of SBS’s “My Little Old Boy,” which aired on Jan 8th, Kim Jong Kook and comedian Huh Kyung Hwan met each other.

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On this day, Heo Kyung Hwan invited Kim Jong Kook to a music recording studio and remade “One Man” into a trot song. Kim Jong Kook said, “It’s my representative song. You can just leave it alone,” he said. Then Heo Kyung Hwan expressed his frustration, saying, “If I left it alone, no one will know about it.

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Heo Kyung Hwan’s mother then made a surprise appearance. Heo Kyung Hwan’s mother held Kim Jong Kook’s hand and thanked him, saying, “Thanks to you, my son won the Excellence award.” She continued, “Hurry up and get married. We can’t let this handsome face and this body go to waste. Is there anyone that you like?” However, Kim Jong Kook ambiguously mentioned the possibility of him getting married, saying, “I think it will be possible if I try.”

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Heo Kyung Hwan’s mother looked at Kim Jong Kook with suspicious eyes, saying, “I think women are already lining up for you,” and Kim Jong Kook laughed, saying, “There’s nothing like that.” When Heo Kyung Hwan then said, “I heard that you have no intention of getting married because you can’t give up working out,” Kim Jong Kook said, “I just need someone who can understand working out. We have to match each other,” he replied.

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