Kim Jong-kook surprises everyone with his marriage announcement, “My goal is to get married in two years” 

Kim Jong-kook suddenly made an announcement about his marriage plan. It’s news that would make his fans surprised and upset.

On April 26th, a post titled “Kim Jong-kook’s surprise declaration” was posted on the online community theqoo, drawing keen attention. It contained Kim Jong-kook’s remark at the filming site of a recent broadcast.

kim jong kook
Kim Jong-kook said he would get married.

Kim Jong-kook publicly announced that he would get married at the recent recording of KBS 2TV’s “Problem Child in House”. The production team revealed Kim Jong-kook’s remark to the media on the 26th, one day before the official broadcast is aired.

MC Kim Jong-kook and his best friend actor Jang Hyuk will appear on the new episode of “Problem Child in House” to be aired on April 27th. 


At the recording site, regarding why Kim Jong-kook, the only single member of the “Dragon’s Club”, has not gotten married yet, Jang Hyuk said, “I think he has not met a woman that can make him want to get married yet. I don’t want to urge Jong-kook to get married quickly. I think marriage should be considered when the right time comes”, giving realistic advice as a married man. 

In response, Kim Jong-kook confessed his honest thoughts, saying, “Actually, I have always wanted to get married early since I was younger”.

Kim Jong-kook made a sudden announcement in front of the cast. He declared to get married in two years. 

Kim Jong Kook Song Ji Hyo

Kim Jong-kook said, “My goal is to get married in two years. I’m thinking of doing it within two years”. He added, “Among my married friends, some envy me. But some urge me to get married quickly, saying ‘I can’t die alone. Hurry up, you have to experience it, too’”, drawing laughter.

Jang Hyuk mentioned when Kim Jong-kook sang the wedding song at his wedding in the past. When asked if he would sing a song for Kim Jong-kook’s wedding, Jang Hyuk enthusiastically responded, “I can even sing a wedding song and swept the floor of the wedding hall”. Jang Hyuk used to be a singer under the name TJ Project.

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