Kim Jong Kook mentions his expensive foreign car, “I spend a lot on things that bring me happiness”

Singer Kim Jong Kook talked about how he spends money on luxury items

Episode 4 of JTBC’s entertainment program “Express Delivery Mongolia Edition”, which aired on September 8th, showed the scene where Kim Jong Kook, Jang Hyuk and Kang Hoon talked about luxury goods.

kim jong kook

When Kang Hoon said he preferred SUV cars, Kim Jong Kook agreed, saying “We have the same taste. I have a G-Wagen”. Revealing that he saw Kim Jong Kook’s car in “GYM JONG KOOK” videos, Kang Hoon said, “G-Wagen is my final goal”.

Kim Jong Kook shared, “That can happen. I often talk about saving tissues, but I tend to spend a lot on things that bring me happiness. Instead, I don’t enjoy buying luxury clothes and I appreciate myself for not having the desire for those things. It depends on personal taste, isn’t it?”.

kim jong kook

Hearing that, Kang Hoon made a comparison, saying “You do the same with gym equipment, right? Since I don’t know anything about them, they are just metal things”. Kim Jong Kook agreed, “That makes sense”.

Jang Hyuk also explained his opinions about luxury items. He said, “When I don’t feel confident, I would wear luxury items. With them, you can also show your personal color. It’s about emotions”. 

Kim Jong Kook added, “It’s nice to have two watches. Suits and shoes are also worth buying”. Hearing that, Kang Hoon jokingly asked, “You want to buy many things, don’t you?”, drawing laughter.

Source: Daum

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