The couple in “Twenty five Twenty One” is so adorable that people are scared of thinking about their breakup

The sweet moment of the couple Nam Joo Hyuk and Kim Tae Ri in “Twenty Five, Twenty One” made the audience excited.

The drama Twenty Five, Twenty One is airing its final episodes in the suspense and anticipation of many viewers. Episode 15 of the drama ended with a series of sweet and romantic moments of the couple Baek Yi Jin and Na Hee Do. This scene was so sweet that many viewers were afraid that there would be a sad ending.

Twenty Five Twenty One

The beginning of episode 15 is the scene where Yi Jin (Nam Joo Hyuk) is sad, blaming himself for hurting his younger sister Yu Rim (Bona). Though Yi Jin is a professional reporter, he is a sentimental person so he feels really bad for hurting his sister. Hee Do (Kim Tae Ri) is the perfect match for Yi Jin since she’s strong enough to lend him a shoulder.

Episode 15 also brought the audience to the daily love story of Yi Jin and Hee Do when one is a reporter and the other is an athlete. Since they have different timetables, they spend their free time seeing each other.

New year’s Eve becomes more special when the couple get together despite their hectic lifestyle. The moment they celebrate New Year’s Eve together and wish for a happy new year is really beautiful and touching. However, no one knows that the promises they made at that time wouldn’t come true.

Hee Do is old enough to consume alcohol. Although Hee Do is not really beautiful when she’s sober, Yi Jin is still there to take care of her and bring her home safely.

This must be the most romantic scene of the past 15 episodes. In the middle of the night, Yi Jin and Hee Do console each other: “Since I love you and I wanna support you, I can’t be with you” or “I love you no matter what”,… . It seems like the hardships they get from work is making them more understanding and supportive. 

Yi Jin and Hee Do’s love language is expressed in their warm hugs whenever they meet. After many days of separation, it only takes a tight hug to shorten the distance.

Watch the final episode of the series”Twenty Five, Twenty One” on the evening of Sunday, April 3rd on Netflix.


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