BTS Jin’s “Yours” gained 54 million streams on Spotify and broke numerous records 

BTS Jin’s first solo OST “Yours” shone with strong power in Spotify.

Jin‘s “Yours” continued its hot popularity on April 1, surpassing 54 million streams on Spotify, the world’s largest music platform.

Yours,” which features Jin‘s beautiful falsetto, is the main theme song of the tvN drama “Jirisan.” Its lyrical melody combined with Jin‘s unique delicate sensibility captivated listeners around the world.


Jin‘s “Yours” has been setting a dazzling record and receiving steady love until now, five months after its debut on the Spotify global chart, the first time in Korea’s OST history.

Jin‘s “Yours” showed off its overwhelming long-run power by charting in Spotify Korea’s “TOP 200 Weekly” for 21 consecutive weeks and 145 consecutive days on March 31.

At the same time as the song was released on November 7 last year, it entered sixth place on Spotify Korea’s “Top 200” chart and remained on the chart until April 2, showing Jin‘s steady popularity and unrivaled music power.


In Spotify Vietnam’s “TOP 200 Weekly,” the song also charted for 21 consecutive weeks and 137 days, and in Spotify Japan’s “Viral 50 Weekly,” it charted for 12 consecutive weeks, realizing Jin‘s global popularity.

It also stood out on Billboard’s “Hot Trending Songs Chart.”

Jin‘s “Yours” ranked sixth on the “Hot Trending Songs Weekly Chart” as of April 2, continuing its milestone march for 20 consecutive weeks. This is the first, only, and longest-running chart-in record of a Korean solo artist.


On the global music search platform Shazam, he remained at the top of the global top 200 chart for “Film, Tv & Stage” for 145 consecutive days as of April 2, showing Jin’s potential as a top soloist.

Recently, Forbes, a U.S. economic magazine, praised Jin as the most successful male artist in his field, saying he successfully made two songs, “Yours” and “Super Tuna” into hits.

Jin achieved remarkable results with his unique charm, outstanding competence, and passionate support from fans without any special promotions. Expectations are rising for Jin‘s new moves as a top solo artist.

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