Same style but two different vibes: Ji Soo was praised yet Sulli was criticized as ‘auntie’

Sulli and the beauty of Black Pink wear the same piece of Alexander McQueen’s dress collection.

On February 13, Sulli attended the launch of Seoul’s Estee Lauder product as a representative. The beauty received many compliments about her beautiful appearance. However, the dress that she chose was criticized as inappropriately, making Sulli’s youthful appearance drastically subside. Compared to Ji Soo (Black Pink) – who also wore the same design at SBS Gayo Daejun late last year, the former member f (X) looked a little overshadowed by her junior.

Sulli wears natural style makeup, tying her hair low, showing off her charming beauty.
Attending the event, she opted for a luxurious layered design in Alexander McQueen’s Spring 2019 collection, including a seamless skirt and black leather corset.
The YG beauty – Ji Soo has been wearing a similar dress of the British fashion designer at SBS Gayo Daejun 2018.
Many people said that Ji Soo won Sulli in this competition.

On Nate, Korean netizens are heatedly debating about the “clash” of two top Kpop beauty. Sulli is very beautiful in this dress, but when placed next to Ji Soo, she looks like she is completely blurred. The difference is in the costume colors. The bright red color incorporates a black corset, a combination of traditional hairstyle and a charming make-up style are what makes the overall look of Black Pink member’s cool image. Meanwhile, Sulli looks quite old with this rigid appearance.

Some comments on the topic: “Sulli – Ji Soo: who wears better?”: “Definitely Ji Soo, she is like a princess. So envious”; “Sulli is very beautiful but lately she has lost weight so her beauty is not the same, I vote for Ji Soo”; “In terms of both outfits and appearance, Ji Soo won completely”; “Ji Soo’s dress is more beautiful but the beauty of Sulli is still at a different level. I bet if Ji Soo had the same aunty hairstyle, she wouldn’t have been pretty like that”; “Sulli looks like an old lady and Ji Soo is a noble lady”

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