Kim Jong Kook Impressed by SEVENTEEN Mingyu’s Dedication to Working Out

Kim Jong Kook was delighted to see SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu completely dedicated to his workout routine.

On April 27th, a video featuring SEVENTEEN’s Mingyu and Dino was posted on Kim Jong Kook‘s YouTube channel “GYM JONG KOOK.”

In the video, Kim Jong Kook asked Mingyu, “You seem like someone who works out a lot. Do you work out frequently?

When Mingyu replied, “I work out every day,” Kim Jong Kook commented, “Oh, you’re really serious about it. Your bag even looks like those of gym-goers,” referring to the bag that Mingyu brought with him.

Mingyu then opened his bag and revealed what he brought, which included chicken juice, low-sodium chicken breast, calcium, multivitamins, and a jar of peanut butter. 

Seeing this, Kim Jong Kook exclaimed, “Wow, you’re really committed to this. I didn’t know you were this serious.” 


Mingyu then shared, “I work out seven days a week at the same place, but sometimes I go to a different gym to work out with different people. That gives me new motivation and excitement.”

Kim Jong Kook joked, “You’re going to need a bigger bag at this rate,” to which Mingyu replied, “I did upgrade to a bigger bag, but I realized that I don’t need one that big yet, so I came back to a humble one.”

Kim Jong Kook was excited by Mingyu’s sincere dedication to working out, saying, “Why am I suddenly excited?” and couldn’t help but laugh.

Source: Daum. 

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