Taeyang’s “Seed” MV may be a farewell to BIGBANG?

The MV for Taeyang’s latest title song, “Seed”, has a lot of references to BIGBANG and may signal a goodbye.

After starting his new journey at The Black Label, BIGBANG Taeyang recently released his solo album, “Down to Earth”. The album consists of six songs, including the b-sides “VIBE” (ft. Jimin of BTS) and “Shoong!” (ft. Lisa of BLACKPINK). While the two aforementioned tracks draw a lot of attention from fans of BTS, BLACKPINK, and the public alike, it is the title track “Seed” that remains on the mind of die-hard BIGBANG fans. 

Taeyang – “Seed”

Starting with a beautiful piano sound, the latter half of “Seed” leaves a strong impression with its string instrument sounds. As it is a rare ballad amid a predominantly RnB and Hip-hop album, “Seed” is considered an interesting and gripping highlight. The lyrics of “Seed” also express Taeyang’s personal emotions, reflecting his thoughts during his six-year absence.

“Seed” is the saddest track in Taeyang’s new album 

Hidden references to BIGBANG in the “Seed” MV

The MV of ”Seed”, which lasts for over 4 minutes, resembles a solemn black-and-white film. Combined with the melancholy music, Taeyang appears, as if immersed in an indescribable sadness. In addition, BIGBANG fans can easily recognize familiar scenes in the music video, which are cleverly intertwined with BIGBANG’s past images, though bringing about a different emotion this time around.

Fans discover details from the “Seed” MV that cleverly intertwined with BIGBANG’s past images

A scene where Taeyang looks down alone resemble a promotional image from BIGBANG album “MADE” 
The image where 5 boys play around on the beach recalls fans of BIGBANG in “We Like 2 Party”
Another scene from “Seed” which reminds fans of BIGBANG in “Love Song”
BIGBANG’s “Loser” was also cleverly integrated in “Seed”
The opposite images from “Seed” and “Sunset Glow”

With all the “hidden references” to BIGBANG, people can’t help but develop a sense of “Deja vu” as they watch the “Seed” MV. In fact, the whole MV feels like a nostalgic look-back of past memories with BIGBANG. 

An MV to bid farewell? 

Since BIGBANG’s comeback with “Still Life”, a song that seems like a carefully prepared farewell, many fans have been worried about a future where BIGBANG may not appear together. 

With the “Seed” MV, Taeyang once again signals a possible end. Although not explicitly presenting a storyline or connection between the scenes, the MV’s overall emotion, along with the visuals and music, seems to be a representation of separation and nostalgia. 

Taeyang stands and dances alone against a familiar backdrop

At the same time, the black and white color scheme of “Seed” seems to partly convey the message Taeyang wants to send. Close-up shots seem to evoke emotions and thoughts of Taeyang about BIGBANG’s glorious past. It feels as if the male idol’s eyes are filled with regret, as if everything has come to a halt, and each member will eventually go their separate ways. 

However, many fans still hold on to the conviction that BIGBANG will never disband, as promised by the members in the past. 

Source: k14

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