Kim Jae Joong boasts an unexpected friendship with G-Dragon 

Kim Jae Joong reveals his friendship with G-Dragon through a photo of a gift he received from the rapper. 

On April 7th, Kim Jae Joong posted a photo on his Instagram with a caption, “Thank you.” The photo was a thank-you post to G-Dragon for sending him a pair of shoes as a gift for the JYJ member. The pair of shoes was, apparently, from a brand that G-Dragon is an ambassador. Previously, Se7en and his soon-to-be wife, Lee Da Hae, also received the gift from the BIGBANG member. 

kim jae joong

Coming across the post, netizens expressed their surprise at the unexpected friendship between Kim Jae Joong and G-Dragon. 

Currently, Kim Jae Joong is appearing on Channel A’s comprehensive programming channel “Men’s Life These Days” (literal translation). In a broadcast episode, Kim Jae Joong said, “If there is someone who will be my wife in the future, I will not let them go into the kitchen as much as possible. How can a woman bother to suffer in the kitchen?” he said, showing support for his future partner. 

Source: MyDaily 

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