Kim Go Eun reveals her affection for abandoned dogs and how she got her dog Wol 

Kim Go Eun revealed the story of how she brought her dog home.

On KBS 2TV’s ‘Entertainment Live Plus’, which aired on December 8th, an interview with Jung Sung Hwa and Kim Go Eun from the new movie ‘Hero’ was revealed.

Kim Go-eun

On this day, the two actors answered quizzes about each other. In the meantime, a story about Kim Go Eun’s dog came up.

Kim Go Eun talked about her dog Wol, who became a new member of her family this year. She said, “I care a lot about abandoned dogs, so I see them a lot on a regular basis, but Wol caught my eye. I went to the shelter with the intention of just going to see the dogs, but as soon as I saw Wol, I brought it home with me.”

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Kim Go-eun

Kim Go Eun expressed affection for her dog, saying, “I was going to go, but my feet didn’t want me to. Wol looks really pretty. Everyone passing by is always asking me what breed it is.”

Source: Daum

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