Song Joong Ki’s upcoming co-star is a gorgeous actress who is compared to the entire entertainment industry 

Despite “Reborn Rich” having yet to conclude, Song Joong Ki is already preparing for the filming of his new movie.

Song Joong Ki has never failed to select successful works, and after the “double hits” “Vincenzo” and “Reborn Rich”, the next work of him is highly anticipated. According to media reports, after two consecutive dramas, Song Joong Ki will be returning to the big screen with the movie “Ro Ki Wan” in 2023. This will be his first big screen project in 5 years after “The Battleship Island” (since “Space Sweepers” did not get a cinema release). 

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Song Joong Ki will return to the big screen after “Reborn Rich” 

“Ro Ki Wan”, which is adapted from Cho Hae Jin’s novel “I Met Ro Ki Wan”, depicts the life of a Korean who seeked asylum in Belgium. Here, he had to work tirelessly with blood, sweat, and tears, and later fell in love with Marie – a complicated woman. 

Previously, Song Joong Ki, who was selected to play the male lead Ro Ki Wan, is supposed to act alongside another actress. However, the casting has been adjusted, and a new face was selected to become the actor’s co-star. According to Korean media CINE21, young actress Choi Sung Eun is the new selection, raising expectations for her excellent skills despite her shorter experience. In 2021 and 2021, she was nominated to become Best New Actress at the prestigious Baeksang, and managed to achieve the title at the Buil Film Awards and the Chunsa Film Art Awards.  

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Song Joong Ki and Choi Sung Eun

According to the original novel, Marie is a retired shooting athlete, who used to be in the national team. She was traumatized over her mother’s death, and thus became an addict who led a depressing life, before a meeting with Ro Ki Wan managed to pull her up. Through this role, Choi Sung Eun will adopt a persona even darker than her previous portrayals. 

Choi Sung Eun, who made her acting debut with a short film in 2018, first drew attention for her visuals that resemble many top K-drama stars. In particular, her “innocent vibe”, large eyes, and “cinematic beauty” is often compared to Han Hyo Joo, Ha Ji Won, and even the late Sulli. 


The actress used to be under SALT Entertainment, before signing with ACE Factory. So far, she has shined spectacularly via all sorts of roles in “Beyond Evil”, “The Sound of Magic”, “Start-Up” (movie), “Gentleman”, and more. 

Despite being a rather new face in the industry, Choi Sung Eun never hesitates to switch up her image. She went from a quirky red-hair character in “Start-Up”, a bullied student in “The Sound Of Magic”, to a head-strong character in “Beyond Evil”. Such versatility earned the actress numerous praise, and her future career holds a lot of potential. 

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The Sound Of Magic

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