Kim Dami will not renew her exclusive contract with ANDMARQ and now becomes a free agent

Kim Dami’s contract with her agency ANDMARQ has expired. 

According to a report by SPOTV News on May 2nd, Kim Dami will be leaving her agency ANDMARQ without extending her contract. Kim Dami signed an exclusive contract with ANDMARQ in 2018 and has been active as an actress representing the company since then.

Kim Da Mi

Kim Dami decided to not resign from ANDMARQ after a long discussion ahead of her contract expiration. Both parties reportedly parted ways amicably as they cheered for each other’s future growth. 

Kim Dami made her debut in 2018 with the movie ‘Marionette‘, and then rose to stardom with director Park Hoon Jung’s ‘The Witch Part 1’, after she was selected for the lead role through a competition rate of 1500 to 1.

For the past 4 years, Kim Dami has emerged as one of the rising actors and left a good impression on the audience with her natural acting and beauty. She continued to show amazing transformations into different characters in dramas such asItaewon Class and Our Beloved Summer‘. She is currently preparing for the release of the movies The Witch Part 2′ and ‘Soulmate’.


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