Kang Ye-won after losing Free.Zia: “Doing charity works for abandoned dogs once a month”

Kang Ye-won shared her recent situation after a long time since the Free.Zia controversy.

On April 15th, actress Kang Ye-won posted a photo on her Instagram story with the caption, “As soon as we got home, we collapsed. We have worked really hard. Right? We make sure to volunteer to help the abandoned dogs once a month, and a food truck of love once a month. It’s important to be consistent”.

In the photo, Kang Ye-won is with her acquaintances at the abandoned dog service center. Kang Ye-won caught the attention by revealing her recent status, participating in volunteer activities.

Previously, Kang Ye-won was reportedly the co-representative of the YouTuber FreeZia’s agency, and even posted photos to show off her friendship with the Youtuber through SNS, but when the controversy over FreeZia‘s fakes broke out, she deleted the post, and quietly disappeared without taking a separate position.

Meanwhile, Kang Ye-won recently appeared in the JTBC drama “The One And Only”, which ended in February.

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