Somi sparked controversy as she claimed to be close to TWICE, yet she unfollowed the group

The relationship between Jeon Somi and TWICE has recently sparked a debate on social networks.

For Kpop lovers, Jeon Somi is surely no longer a strange name. After she won the center position on Produce 101 and debuted with I.O.I, the female idol became well-known. Somi joined The Black Label after I.O.I disbanded and began individual projects.

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Somi was friends with JYP trainees and artists as when she was still a trainee, she worked under JYP’s management. However, many internet users, have expressed doubts regarding her true relationship with her former colleagues, especially with TWICE

The real status of the relationship between Jeon Somi and TWICE is still a topic of controversy among netizens.  Recently, when participating in 1thek’s IDDP program, the female idol shared about this friendship.

“I’m very close with TWICE-sunbaenim. We often meet each other on the street. They’re people whom I can feel comfortable around, so whenever I’m having a hard time, I call up Chaeyoung or Nayeon.” – said Somi

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However, Somi’s sharing accidentally sparked controversy on social networks.  Because, netizens once found out that she unfollowed TWICE on Instagram.  Many netizens also said that the friendship that Jeon Somi mentioned was actually not as good as she said and both sides did not interact after she left JYP.

However, many netizens defend Somi. They believe that unfollowing is a common act and that it is required when they work for competing companies. Somi and TWICE members retain a tight friendship in their daily life. Some comments from netizens are as follows:

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  • Why don’t you think in a better way?
  • You act like you’re close to them and yet you unfollow TWICE and your old agency while those two still follow you?
  • Chaeyoung and Somi have been best friends for a long time

It’s also worth noting that, following her departure from JYP, Somi was caught hit like on a malicious comment directed against her former company. Somi was also embroiled in another controversy after a story on her Instagram account was alleged to praise Jennie while mocking TWICE.

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Somi specifically uploaded a snapshot of Jennie’s SOLO coming in the first place and TWICE’s Yes or Yes coming in second on a chart. While many fans believed Somi intended to applaud both groups, the female idol’s action was criticized by numerous netizens.

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In 2019, when Somi came across TWICE at the airport, they were very sweet to interact with each other.  Both sides were happily and intimately chatting with each other, smashing rumors about the girls’ relationship.

Not long after that, Somi and Chaeyoung (TWICE) also participated in a reality TV show together.  The two have known each other since joining SIXTEEN in 2015, although Somi was not selected to debut with TWICE, they still kept in touch.  The two girls once shared that it is because they have different personalities that they are so close.

Despite many practical actions demonstrating the girls’ friendship, Jeon Somi drew conflicting reactions from netizens when she took confusing moves on SNS, such as unfollowing TWICE and dropping likes in response to malicious comments about TWICE. The topic of the girls’ relationship is still “hot” and has sparked a lot of debate among both sides’ fans. 

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