Kang Susie reveals tips to maintain fair and wrinkle-free skin at the age of 56

Singer-songwriter Kang Susie unveiled her skincare secrets.

On May 2nd, Kang Susie uploaded on her Youtube channel a video titled, “Taking a walk in Seorae Village with Susie on a fine day”.

Preparing to take a walk around her neighborhood, Kang Susie shared, “Many foreigners live in my neighborhood, so there are various kinds of food”.

The singer-songwriter also mentioned, “When I was young, I lived near the sea. During summer, I stayed in a seaside guesthouse for a month. After entering elementary school, I spent most of my time in swimming pools”, adding “At that time, I didn’t think about applying sunscreen”.

She continued, “Lyuh Esther teacher told me not to do that. Since then, I have started applying sunscreen and I have been doing it more often.”

Revealing her skincare tips, Kang Susie said, “I apply it to my face, ears, neck, collarbones, the backs of my hands, and arms”, adding “I heard that’s how you can prevent wrinkles and things like that from appearing.”

Then, while enjoying a healing time going around her neighborhood, she shared, “My eyesight has gotten a bit worse so I always wear sunglasses and apply sunscreen when going out”. 

She also expressed her longing for her late father, who passed away last year, when passing the road they used to walked together.

Source: Naver

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